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Our staff at HBDi is available to help borrowers with their questions and to comply with the terms of their loan. This includes pre-payments, loan assumptions, maintaining appropriate insurance, financial information and several other transactions.

Please be advised, you must be a borrower or be able to prove that you are an authorized representative of the borrower to obtain loan information.

Make an online Payment

  • If your account is not setup for automatic debit, you can still avoid late fees by conveniently and safely make your loan payment online by check, debit card or with a major credit card.

Change Automatic Payment

  • Please print and complete the “Automatic Debit Form” and attach a voided check and mail to:
    Houston Business Development, Inc.
    5330 Griggs RoadHouston,
    Texas 77021

What’s My Balance

  • If you would like to get the latest balance for your account, please contact the Loan Adminitration Department at 713-845-2417 and provide the following Information: Loan number, Name of the Requester, Name of the Business, Phone Number and e-mail address if applicable.

New Mailing Address

  • If you would like to change your mailing address, for our records, please contact us and provide the following information: Loan number, Name of the Requester, Name of the Business, Phone Number and e-mail address if applicable.

Pre-payment Information

  • Should you desire to pay off your small business loan, we can provide an estimated payoff amount to you for planning purposes.
  • Please provide us with a 30 day written notice that the loan is going to prepay.
  • There will be no prepayment penalty for small business loans. A nominal fee is charged for Fast Track Loans prepaid in the first year of the loan term.
  • Please contact the Loan Administration Department at 713-845-2417 for additional information

Insurance Coverage

  • According to the terms of your Loan Agreement you are required to insure your property for the full insurable value on a replacement cost basis. Evidence of property insurance, liability insurance (and flood insurance if required) must be provided and kept current for the life of the loan by the owner of the property.
  • Houston Business Development, Inc. is to be listed as a loss payee as follows:
    Houston Business Development, Inc.
    5330 Griggs Road
    Houston, Texas 77021
  • Please have your agent forward a copy of your insurance policy to the attention of the  Loan Administration Department.

Financial Information

  • The submission of annual financial statements or tax returns is part of your loan commitment. Please submit your annual financial statement (balance sheet and income statement) and/or tax returns to our office no later than three (3) months after your year end. Please direct questions to the Loan Administration Department 713-845-2417

Real Property Taxes

  • You, as a borrower, are responsible for paying the property taxes. No escrow account for property tax payments or impound account on the real estate has been induced with your loan. Please check with the County Tax Collector or Assessor in which your property taxes are due.