Are there any geographical boundaries?
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Are there any geographical boundaries?

Yes. In order to be eligible for an HBDi loan, a business must be located in the Houston metropolitan area. Additionally, all Fast Track loan applicants must be located in a low-income census tract with 51% or more low-income residents.

What assets can be used to secure a loan?

HBDi will accept most unencumbered business and personal assets including real estate, equipment, furniture, inventory, accounts receivable, investment property, marketable securities, etc.

Can loans be prepaid?

HBDi micro and small business loans can be repaid without penalty. Fast Track loans, if repaid within the first year of the loan term, carry a prepayment penalty of 10.25% of the outstanding loan balance. After one year, Fast Track loans can be paid without...

Do you assist start-up businesses?

Yes.  Start-up businesses (with fewer than 12 months of operating history) must provide a detailed business plan, inject 15-33% of capital into the business, have relevant industry and management experience, and have sufficient cashflow and collateral to support the...

What is a Tandem Loan?

A Tandem Loan is an HBDi loan made in conjunction with a matching loan from a commercial lending institution.  Typically HBDi  funds only a portion of the debt capital (up to 50%) that a borrower may require and a bank provides the balance. The borrower must have a...